Middle-east Turmoil and Liberal Catharsis

As to the vacuous liberal cerebration on any foreign affair, catharsis, rather than consistency and conscience, is the general rule.

I am perplexed by the liberal media’s lack of attention to the slaughter of thousands of Syrians at the hands of the Assad regime, the butchering, murdering and destruction of Egypt’s Coptic community, and its unquestioning acquiescence, or silence, to NATO air strikes undertaken in Libya. This lack of awareness, or purposeful lack of attention, to these events is profoundly different than those that accompanied Iraq’s liberation by American forces, when daily counts of civilian deaths were broadcast on every major western news service.

Why was the war against Saddam bad, unjust, imperial, motivated by oil, the shabbos donkey for Israel, the new crusade, genocide? Whereas Egypt’s descent into Islamic fascism and brutality is good, Mubarak an evil dictator. On Assad there is no opinion. Or there is, our brilliant Secretary of State Hillary Clinton proclaiming him to be a “moderate” a few months back.  Why can we tolerate an Assad, Ahmadinajad, or Abbas, but not a Qadaffi, or Mubarak? Mubarak having the distinction of being the most moderate, if we are going to apply that term to anyone, and the most vilified by our President and the western liberal propaganda machine, he abdicated.

The media and leftist pundits are slowly waking up to the fact that the Arab spring is actually a frosty and chilling Islamic winter. Now being forced to say something, they say nothing. And that rare moment when a reporter is rapt by the freedom fighters against the Egyptian military, he cathartically demonizes Israel as the cause of it all. On fox news, a western—possibly Scottish by the sound of his accent—freelance Journalist, who was giving an on the ground report from the protests against the Egyptian military in Tahir square, could not help himself but to suggest, on air, that the Israelis don’t want “freedom” in Egypt because the people of Egypt, outside the control of the military, would “never allow the genocide that Israel perpetrates in Gaza.” Thus Israel was behind it all. Contrast that with statements from Qaddafi and Assad that Israel is behind the actual uprisings, and we find a warm medium of cathartic exchange from the liberal west and the most fascist regimes, the Jew did it.

What the media will never say, though, is that the dictators of the various Arab states are in many ways more liberal than the people they rule. So they are merely left with cathartic anti-Semitic suggestions, the Jews being ideological laxatives for unthinking emotional liberals, and murderous regimes.


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One response to “Middle-east Turmoil and Liberal Catharsis”

  1. bobbykhawk says :

    1) What you refer to as Leftists are actually believers in a doctrine which the Apostle Paul warned us all of. In Acts 17 Paul engaged the believers in Greek philos-sophos doctrine (Epicurean and Stoic). In Colossians chapter 2 he comments on the use of that Greek philos-sophos doctrine as a means of deceiving Christians. Some simple research will provide ample evidence that Greek philos-sophos doctrine and its adherents use of dialectics is the base doctrine for all those ideologies we refer to as Communism, Socialism, Progressivism and Liberation Theology. Further Marxism and leninism is based upon belief and use of this same base Greek philos-sophos doctrine. In every single case concerning the likes of George Hegel, Henri Saint Simon, Darwin, George B Shaw, Hegel’s students (Feuerbach, Bauer, Sterner, Marx & Engels), Stalin, Lenin, Hitler, Mau and countless others have as their thread of consistency, belief in Greek phlos-sophos doctrine and use of dialectics. Therefore referring to these folks as leftists is inaccurate as they are not leftists but believers in a doctrine. They are in fact, primarily Stoic sophists with a range of belief in the doctrine from modest to Zealot.

    2) The Stoic sophists which many refer to as Marxist/Leninists or Communists or Socialists or Progressives, have a global focus. They think that a global government such as the one proclaimed by believer Karl Popper, is the solution for bringing about world peace. Karl defined a utopian society much like that of other Stoic sophists except Karl’s version was initiated on a global basis. Socialist International has fully adopted Karl’s system known as the “Open Society”, and they are implementing it. The activity you are observing in the Middle East is preformed in order to set the stage for a communist/socialists union of Middle East states. This is why you don’t observe one peep from the communist/socialists news media concerning joint efforts to oust Libyan leader Kadaffi or Gadaffi (we observe various versions). The same will fall true for all the Middle East leaders, eventually every one of them will fall except the leader of the State of Israel and the leader of Iran (Persia). The reason they squawked at the Bush administrations actions might be related to the disruption it caused with the plans to create a united communist/socialist bloc country. A Golitsn speaks of this Middle East plan, in his book new lies for old, see page 335,6 and maybe 7.

    3) Americans failed to observe the forced assimilation of there country, via soviet subversion. Even today as the forced assimilation starts to gel before their very eyes, the tend to ignore all of the evidence laid before them. Before 5 years time pass from this date of Easter 2012, that last bastion of freedom will have been extinguished and the dark ages of forced communism/socialism will have begun. Once in full swing, the global communist/socialist government will be difficult if not impossible to defeat. Populations will be forcefully rearranged and communist spies embedded at every level of society. Americans have a choice but only a very small window exists for them now. If the Americans allow the Democratic party which is controlled by Marxist/Leninist to remain in office, Then America will witness a communist/socialist coup d’etat which will bring about crisis resulting in martial law, and finally a communist/socialist dictator as the nation is normalized. The entire event will last less than 3 months. The Communist/Socialists will strip Americans of all their Rights, Freedoms, Property and Weapons. The will punish those responsible for the crisis (usually by firing squad) and they will assign any resistance to communist/socialist rule, to hard labor camps, where they will become slaves of the state, digging in state mines for coal and uranium.

    4) Remember this is what can happen but it does not have to happen. America has a way out, a narrow window of escape, but they must take the initiative themselves to resolve the issue.
    a. Understand and declare that all communism, socialism, progressivism, objectivism are based upon the same doctrine, Greek philos-sophos and the use of dialectics.
    b. Understand that the doctrine known as Greek philos-sophos or philosophia, was instituted as a testament to the goddess of knowledge Athena, who was also the goddess over government. Athens, Greece was named after the goddess Athena, where the idol monument to her still stands to this very day.
    c. Understand the constitution strictly forbids establishment of laws in respect of a federal government enforced and instituted religion or doctrine.
    e. Understand that 90% of the Democratic party and 20% of the Republican party members are believers and adherents to Greek philos-sophos doctrine, and fully support its assimilation in America as either Socialism or Communism. Therefore the only way for Americas to defeat the communists/socialists politicians imbedded in the established parties is to vote for a vetted candidate who is not communist nor socialist nor progressive nor do they hold dear any form of Greek philos-sophos doctrine which includes the faux Christianity known as Liberation theology, nor shall that candidate be a member of either of the two established political parties.
    f. A presidential candidate who does no posses these Greek sophist traits, could be worthy of dismantling the well established communist/socialist political machine which now resides in Washington DC.

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