Freedom for Palestine or Freedom for Israel?

The above video encapsulates the argument that the Left levels against the State of Israel; that is, the entire argument. They have nothing more to say or contribute other than obsessively demagogic platitudes displayed in horribly choreographed dance scenes, resplendent with tribal drum beats and prosaic lyrics. If the issues misrepresented and the blatantly anti-Semitic nature of the ensemble were absent, this would just be another leftist-ritualistic-pop-culture-hope and change-dance hall diddy that many a suburban street youth could jive to, and we could laugh at; but that is not the case here. This song and video is the grossest misrepresentation of the issues facing the Middle east, the most anti-Semitic the Left has yet conjured, and the most deserving of the harshest of condemnation. To be blunt, there is no excuse for any Jew, Christian, or atheist (Muslims will probably celebrate this) to find anything of merit to this video. Period.

It’s not just the faithful (interesting one of the “talents” in this video is called Faithless) who should be concerned about the tremendous organizational and institutionalized antisemitism masquerading as “anti-Israelism” which lurks beneath the leprous pores of this malignantly idiotic video, but anyone who cherishes truth and historical reality over blatant lies and political chicanery should be equally concerned. The fact that this video and the sentiment advanced takes hold of the unending swarm of liberal arts students is a direct and unyielding indictment of the education system, at least in the United States, and a rather lurid reminder of the white noise of European culture: the hatred of the Jews.

Antisemitism Revisited

Traditional antisemitism culminated in the brutality of the Holocaust. It is no surprise that at the very historical instant that the European Intelligentsia had the technological capability, coupled with the decline of traditional Christian morality, and the advent of a new moral ambiguity and ethical proclivity, Darwinism, that immediately a plan was drawn up to solve the Jewish problem once and for all, and executed with the fiercest of conviction. It wasn’t until the American and Soviet troops liberated the camps that the horrible extent of the tragedy was unearthed. For almost a decade, 6 million Jews were systematically isolated, hunted down, experimented on, and ultimately murdered in a protracted and heinous act of applied Darwinian theory.

The crimes at the hands of the Nazis were so severe that even the most anti-Semitic people of modern times have trouble condoning them. For this reason, amongst others, we see everyone from right-wing neo-nazis to the president of Iran, to, dare I say, the president of the Palestinian Authority, Mahmoud Abbas, (a well know Jew hater and holocaust denier), doubt it ever took place. Subsequently — or perhaps in antecedence, depending on the argumentative tack — in an act of moral inversion that only the English department can appreciate, the Jews are then attacked for their deceit and using the holocaust “myth” to justify the state of Israel. Concurrently, Palestinian media organizations constantly call for the death of Jews, educate their children — in schools funded by the United Nations and the State of Israel, no less — to hate Jews and work for the end of the only democratic Jewish state on earth, and then train them to strap bombs to their bodies, as martyrs for Allah, and kill as many Jews as they possible can. The Left, for whatever reason, doesn’t ever want to admit that the logical end to their complacency, and in many instances, their blatant placation of antisemitism, is the same: a middle east, and ultimately a world, Judenrein.

The Suffering Jew, The suffering “Other” 

The Left doesn’t like the Jew, they like the Holocaust victim. The Holocaust victim bolsters their nefarious obsession with this “otherness” concept they are constantly prattling about. They like the suffering Jew; cold and shaking, scared, waiting for the train doors to open, remaining hopeful, “maybe they’ll take us to a better place than the ghetto.” They like the secular Jew that has lost all external semblance of his/her holy self, assimilated but still ostracized, marginalized and oppressed, weak, fearful and in need of progressive saviors. They like the Jew portrayed in Schindler’s List, not the pioneering Israeli; Kippa on his head, M-4 at the ready to protect his family and home. Not the Jewish resistance fighters, the Belski O triad, a hard, vodka drinking folk, inclined to drink the night away to the serenade of folk songs; more inclined to ambush attack and destroy a Nazi convoy, taking no prisoners. Not the religious Jew, who, rising early, prays to his Maker for strength, makes distinctions between right and wrong, profane from holy, and light from dark. Not any of these, but the dying Jew, they love.

This drills to the bedrock of the anti-Israel sentiment on the Left. Perhaps they don’t mind Jews as oppressed, but they hate it when the have their own state, military and defense capabilities to mitigate these “otherness” problems that the Left constantly maintains can be solved with overtures to “multi-cultural understanding;” but in every instance leads to Neville Chamberlain style dhimmi placation policies, the rise of the Nazi’s, the rise of Islamic terrorists, and the death of millions.

The problem is that if the Left doesn’t like the Israeli, they don’t like the Jew. The Jew as oppressed and homeless is a protracted historical aberration to what was once a society and culture that with the aid of God defeated the ancient Egyptians, freeing them from bondage, putting to paper the most egalitarian spiritual and political tract in history, The Torah, where they are told that they are a “Nation of Priests,” not victims, not “others,” and that sometimes evil must be nothing but destroyed. The modern State of Israel is the state of the pre-exile Jew, and the state that Jews created almost 3500 years ago. With this reality in mind, is anti-Israelism, anti-Judaism?

Back to the Video

With this question in mind I would like to redirect the reader to the video. Is the anti-Israel video a result merely of the desire for “Palestinian freedom” or because of the “apartheid” or the “occupation?” If so, the Palestinians would have to be a national or ethnic group that have been displaced by the Israelis. The occupation would have to be an occupation of “Palestine,” and the Israeli Arabs should have no political rights. Of course, none of this is so, as we shall see.

In 1948 the U.N. voted in favor of a partition plan that divided what is today Israel, the west bank, and the Gaza strip into two states. One Jewish, one Arab. The Jewish state as planned was significantly smaller than what is today Israel, and consisted largely of the southern desert. Jerusalem was to be an internationally administered city, and the Arabs received everything else. (And by everything I mean 21 Independent functioning states rich in oil on top of a 22nd “Palestinian” Arab state.)

However, Islam, and traditional Arab tribal psychosis prevented this plan from ever even being put into place. The day Israel accepted the partition and declared its independence, proclaiming that :

 THE STATE OF ISRAEL will be open for Jewish immigration and for the In gathering of the Exiles; it will foster the development of the country for the benefit of all its inhabitants; it will be based on freedom, justice and peace as envisaged by the prophets of Israel; it will ensure complete equality of social and political rights to all its inhabitants irrespective of religion, race or sex; it will guarantee freedom of religion, conscience, language, education and culture; it will safeguard the Holy Places of all religions; and it will be faithful to the principles of the Charter of the United Nations.

….five arab armies as well as a host of irregulars attacked the Jewish state under the battle cry “itbach al yahud!” Which is Arabic for “Kill the Jews!” A war ensued and, to be terse, the Jews won. Revisionist history paints it that the Jewish army, as it advanced, forcibly removed Arabs from their homes. This is, of course, not the case. Most of the Arabs had left on the direction of the Arab league which told them to get out of the way so that they wont be caught in the “slaughter” that they were going to carry out against the Jews. They were further told that once the Arab armies had killed and made the land Judenrein, the Arabs could return to their homes. The were told this would take a few weeks at most.

In contrast to this, the Israelis were actively trying to get the Arabs that remained within their  borders to stay and participate in the new nation, and were asked to “carry on their work as equal and free citizens of Haifa.” According to

On April 29, even Farid Saad of the [Arab] National Committee was saying that Jewish leaders had “organized a large propaganda campaign to persuade [the] Arabs to return.”

This was of great concern to Mr. Saad, because he had spent an awful lot of time telling them to do the exact opposite.

So the Palestinian refugee crises is self-inflicted and self-serving. The fact is that if the rest of the Arab world had decided to allow the Jews to have their little piece of land the Palestinians would have a state today, and it would have celebrated its 63rd birthday just a few weeks ago.

The war ended and the 1949 armistice lines were drawn, which were demarcated roughly where the border between the west bank and Israel and the Gaza strip are today. Did the Palestinians get a state? Nope. There wasn’t even talk of Palestinians at this time. The west bank was seized by Jordan. The Wailing wall, one of the holiest spots in Judaism, was turned into a trash heap, along with other defiled Jewish holy sites. The Gaza strip was annexed by Egypt. Almost 20 years went by without a peep about a Palestinian state.


Prior to the Israeli preemptive strike of 1967 against Jordan, Egypt and Syria, the Egyptian president, Gamal Abdel Nasser, was fond of articulating his distaste for any Jewish presence in the middle east. He constantly whipped his servile denizens into emphatic revelry at the announcement that he would unite the entire Arab world against the Jews and “drive them into the sea.” But God is unkind to even modern pharaohs, and the State of Israel preemptively attacked and reduced his army to almost nothing in less than 6 days along with Jordan and Syrian forces. Israel gained control of the west bank, all of the Gaza strip and Sinai peninsula, and the Golan heights. It must be noted that this was not a  war of aggression, but a military defensive campaign to render the Arab war horses crippled so as to mitigate any further threats to the Jewish state’s survival. It gave Israel defensive borders, widening it from 9 miles from east to west to more than 40. To say that this was an imperialist campaign, as the left constantly does, is to say nothing but to evidence their ignorance. In fact, Israel gave back the Sinai to Egypt as part of peace concessions.

The most important result of the 1967 war,  though, is the fact that this is when the Palestinians came into existence. As soon as the Israelis took control of the west bank and the Gaza strip the world started hearing about a Palestinian Nation; some ethereal ancient peoples with their own ethnicity and culture that had been savagely uprooted and displaced and were now occupied. Interesting that there were no such calls under Jordanian rule? There is no such thing as a Palestinian nation. The region was named “Palestine” by the Romans after they expelled the Jews and destroyed the temple nearly 2000 years ago to rid the land of any vestigial Jewish nomenclature. The people we now regard as Palestinians are mostly of Arab descent, many immigrated from Iraq only after the Jewish immigration had begun in the early 20th century.There are no Palestinian surnames, most of them are Egyptian or Iraqi, and there never was a Palestinian state prior to British rule. As Walid Shoebat a former PLO terrorist said: “Why is it that on June 4th 1967 I was a Jordanian and overnight I became a Palestinian?”

The Refugees

The video mentions 6 million refugees. Really? How do we get 6 million refugees out of the 600,000 that originally fled? Well, we could multiply by ten of course. But the more stunning reality is that Palestinian refugee status can be transferred to offspring just like eye color. Palestinian refugee status is the only refugee status that can accomplish this biological miracle; per the U.N rules. Naturally, as time goes by there will be more refugees due to more births. And what of those refugee camps that we see in the video? Where are those located? They are most likely in places like Lebanon, where “Palestinian” refugees are not allowed to integrate into the Lebanese population. As per Lebanese law, they are forced to stay in the camps. Why? Because then there wouldn’t be any “refugees.” The whole goal of the Arab world is to keep the Palestinians in a state of misery, because the whole goal of the Arab world is to destroy the State of Israel demographically by demanding the “right of return.” The Palestinian refugee situation is squarely the fault of the Arab world and the U.N. and none else. They want to be free from Israel. They could care less about the Palestinians

The Cartoon and The Wall

The most fascinating thing about the cartoon depicting Israeli tanks bombing schools and Israeli soldiers abusing women is the fact that it is a cartoon. I doubt there is any actual footage, besides a few street fights at checkpoints, that depict anything remotely similar to the events that the producers want you to believe happen. “So what the hell? We’ll make a cartoon.” Beyond that it is disgusting, and I have nothing else to say about it except for the fact that Palestinians in the West bank and Gaza have a higher standard of living, and the lowest infant mortality rate because of Israeli aid, than any other nation in the Arab/muslim world besides the U.A.E. and Kuwait.

The checkpoints and the wall are necessary security provisions to keep suicide bombers from killing another 1,957 Israelis. Pretty simple. The wall was designed to be removed quickly and easily as soon as the Palestinians decide that they can behave. That’s it.


Israeli-Arabs are allowed to vote, participate, and be elected to office in the Knesset (the Israeli parliament).

Israeli-Arabs enjoy more freedom and economic security than 99% of the Arab population. There are Israeli-Arab Knesset members and political parties. There are Israeli-Arab supreme court Judges. Islam is practiced freely and widely. That’s that. Nothing more needs to be said.

So if all the claims that are made by the video are untrue what are we left with? Either gross ignorance or Antisemitism, plain and simple. The artists on this video are nothing but anti-Semites. Period. All of them. Including Cold-play’s lead singer who endorsed it. Ya know, the guy that has been assaulting eardrums for the last 7 years or so. Well he has taken up a new profession assaulting Jewish sovereignty. They hate the Jew that is embodied in the Torah and in the Modern state of Israel. Do not be so naive.


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2 responses to “Freedom for Palestine or Freedom for Israel?”

  1. new york nightlife club says :

    I tried to answer a question regarding Israel and Palestine and it was deleted. Why? It wasn’t rude or insolent and it certainly wasn’t racist. Some people don’t realise about democracy and freedom of speech. Why is it one rule for one and one for another? Some can say kill all Muslims and their questions remain, but if you dare insult or point out something about Israel then you’re deleted? What is that all about please?
    Doubtless I’ll be deleted for daring to ask. One cant try though.

    • conjectureandconsequence says :

      I am sorry sir/ma’am, I didn’t receive notification of your comment. Perhaps my spam filter caught it as you are commenting from a business account it appears. Please, if you will, re-comment and I will be happy to engage in a dialogue with you. Again, apologies. Any non-inflammatory comments are certainly welcome, and I hope to hear from you.



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