The Lost Disposition and Discipline.


2 responses to “”

  1. superfluousblogger says :

    Dear Sir:

    Thank you very much—I do believe that this is the first time that my site has been “reblogged.” Much appreciated for sharing a bit of the traffic from your own excellent site.

    Sincerely yours,
    A Superfluous Man

    • conjectureandconsequence says :

      Dear A Superfluous Man,

      You are very welcome. I will most assuredly do it again, given that your choice of books is both eclectic and necessary. The book that I reblogged is, to my mind, a necessary wake up call to people that cherish mental acuity and its importance to the continuity of civilized society. That we may one day be floating in a mindless orgy of tweets, texts, and bulleted top ten lists, is intellectually and aesthetically loathsome. I have not read the book but I plan to. Your site is wonderful, and your prose is elegant.


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