The Cause of The World.

While engaged in a bitter polemic with an anti-Israel propagandist in the Kennesaw State University’s Newspaper, I learned a few things.  And some of the hunches that I have flirted with in previous posts were confirmed correct. Here’s the rundown:

1.) Most journalists and aspiring journalists are either ideologically driven or they are incompetent.  Before descending the lines of the episodic stupidity in the pages of  The Sentinel, I was under the assumption that op-ed articles, in any paper, are, at the very minimum, well researched and established opinions, not ideological diatribes. I have read many an op-ed which irritated me, but nothing that crossed the line into slander of the magnitude conjured here.  The op-ed editor, upon my complaint about his complete lack of oversight, apologized for any offense that I may have endured. I hadn’t endured any offense; we supporters of the Jewish State endure the slanderous and propagandistic twisting of reality daily. Naturally, we have become coarse, rough, to some degree bitter; we care not for frivolity or petitions to perceived historical injustices; we demand an exacting presentation of the issues. None of us were offended, we were concerned that the very idiocy that is smeared across the intellectual landscape in Middle-East studies programs throughout the nation was making a popular and misinformed appearance in a student newspaper, the contents of which attacked the Jewish group on campus as aiding and abetting a terrorist state. We can be assured that any well cited op-ed piece elucidating the well documented fact that the national Muslim Students Association was created,  funded, and supported by the overtly anti-Semitic Muslim Brotherhood would have immediately been rejected as inflammatory. But in the case of Jews and Israel, almost anything goes.

2.) The point that I made in a previous post , that defending Israel is no longer a liberal cause, made itself more of an apparent reality than I cared to previously admit. It was precisely this tactic that was used by the campus Jewish group—Israel’s human rights advances, minority participation in politics, protection of all races, creeds, sexualities, etc. — which caused a simple minded International Affairs major to take issue with the State’s Jewish identity.  As I have said before, any sort of nationalism, including cultural nationalism, is an illiberal idea.  Therefore, to advance the very real and validated assertion that Israel is a beacon of freedom in a region of popular Islamic despotism is to invite this criticism. Supporters of Israel need to change the plan. We need to show how Israel’s fair and just treatment of its minority population is because of its Jewish character, not in spite of it. The new lines of battle are drawn on the validity of Judaism as a cultural and national framework. If they attack the Jewish State, we need to defend the Jewish State, not the secular state. I don’t think this gets any clearer. This calls for a rigorous study of what Judaism is, and how it has informed almost every notion of justice that we cherish. The days of the totally secular Jew are over, and the days of a totally secular defense are over as well.  I suggest you all read Saving Israel by Daniel Gordis.

3.) Sometime, and somewhere, between 1945 and today, war was redefined as the enemy, and the enemy was defined as the “victims of war”. This should be expected, as the swooning eroticism with the advances of secular Europe culminated in the most horrendous half century in recorded history. Even that being so, it was not restraint or this new twisted demand for “proportionality” that halted the advance of the Nazis into soviet Russia.  It was not concern for “proportionate” responses that animated the allies to decimate the entire German war machine, causing many civilian casualties.  We can rest assured that Japan surrendered only because of the massive destruction American firebombing raids inflicted on its civilian population. Wars are won because one side conjures a disproportionate force of arms, and implements them with devastating effect. With almost predictable regularity, the U.N decries and condemns Israel’s disproportionate use of force against its enemies, forgetting that this is precisely the point. Graphs are now widely distributed by propagandists indicating that the number of Palestinian children killed in the conflict exceeds that of the Israeli’s, portraying the hell of war as a mathematical figure. When confronted with these figures, it is no longer necessary to say, in capitulating tone, “that’s unfortunate,” instead we should reply, “that’s war, and that’s the result of an enemy that uses human shields, and that’s the result of a populace that, despite their suffering, still overwhelmingly support the annihilation of Israel.” Something to that effect needs to be said, and it needs to be said frequently. We should feel no moral guilt because Israel is more lethal than its enemies, we should be relieved.

4.) The distinction between collective, “political”, and individual, “civil”, rights needs to be demarcated with great severity and conviction. The 1917 Balfour declaration stated that “political” rights be granted for the establishment of a Jewish National Home in Palestine as long as it did not impede on the “civil” rights of the Arab population. In today’s world, many misguided people believe that the two terms constitute the same idea. This equivocation is used as a weapon against Israel. Being a Jewish State, it is claimed that this nationalistic tendency necessarily deprives the non-Jewish minority of their “civil” rights. Apart from being a logical fallacy, genetic to be precise, this slur is patently false as the Jewish State grants civil rights to its minorities and allows them participation in political matters. The distinction between human, civil, and political rights has been so thoroughly distorted and smeared by postmodern machinations that, as it relates to Israel, the distinctions need to be reclaimed, and they need to be reclaimed now.

5.) The Constitution of the United States was ratified in 1887, eleven years after its Declaration of Independence from Britain, and four years after the end of the Revolutionary War. Today we celebrate Israel’s Declaration of Independence, but she is still fighting her revolutionary war. Ceasefires and “peace processes” aside, the battle continues. Israel has not had the time to adopt a constitution, just as the continental congress had not the time to do so in the midst of its necessity as the funding body of the nascent U.S. army. That Israel is still fighting for her independence is an overlooked reality. But unlike the American Revolution, Israel is not fighting a continued war of Independence from one colonial ruler, but the entire world. For after two thousand years of exile and dispersion —- Christian pogroms, Islamic pogroms, Cossack butchery, secular holocausts —- the menace of Islamic despotism, and secular postmodernism, is still waging a concerted and mutual war of destruction against the Jewish people, and for the first time in 2000 years the Jews have decided that enough is enough, and will use force of arms to declare their right to be actors in history, not passive victims. The German philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer, who heavily influenced Hitler’s thinking, declared that Judaism is a “war cry against humanity.”  If humanity is constituted in the immoral debauchery of Germany at any given historical moment until just recently, he is surely correct.  A more precise examination, though, is that Judaism is a “war cry against immorality”, as Hitler later examined, “I am freeing man from the restraints of an intelligence that has taken charge, from the dirty and degrading self-mortification of a false vision called conscience and morality, and from the demands of a freedom and independence which only a very few can bear.” This sentiment is still the enemy of the Jews and the Jewish State. The forces of evil will not be silent until the “last Jew is expurgated from our (their) midst.”

These are the realities. These are the battle lines. Of the five, the first should be taken as axiomatic; the second is a crisis of Jewish identity, and is up to the Jewish community to rectify; the third is a sobering necessity; the fourth, an intellectual necessity; and the fifth, a humanitarian imperative. The Jews have been called “the canary in the coal mine.” The worlds treatment of them is an indicator of the moral health of humanity. Even after the holocaust, the world’s moral health appears to be on life support.  The cause of Israel, is the cause of the world.

Happy Independence Day Israel. Am Yisroel Chai.


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