The Modern Delusion

Francoise Hollande was calmly ushered to the presidency of France by campaign videos jubilantly portraying foreign street youths enthusiastically endorsing Hollande while Kanye West’s “Niggas in Paris” played rhythmically and with great sincerity in the background. France having been the home of the rotten Voltaire, I expect nothing less. Antediluvian sentiments are as French as red wine and liver disease, and also the reason why France has produced nothing of great interest in the last 150 years.

While France is a case in particular, and peculiar, the catastrophes of modernity can all be, with certainty, traced back to some idiotic revolutionary idea emanating from Europe and, further back, found as its cause a deeper and more entrenched idiotic revolutionary idea. Contraire Hegel, modern history is not thesis, antithesis, synthesis, making it something perceptible, but a series of discrete stupidities, which may have some connection to the former banality, but pop independently onto the political landscape, stacked on the corpses of the former, and proceed to kill thousands of human beings.

Take France again; take France carefully. The French enlightenment culminated in nothing significant other than Voltaire’s anti-Semitic diatribes, which were not eclipsed in intensity until Hitler meandered on the stage of European festivities, and the Reign of Terror. The french enlightenment thinkers venerated and worshiped Reason. This is not hyperbole; they set up temples to reason, and sincerely worshiped an epistemological method. They believed that this faculty could design a utopia. Nobody had yet noted that reason is a method, or disposition, and is empty if only because it requires real conjectural input for it to do any work. Those who later noted it were sent to the Guillotine, all 25,000 of them. The disturbances and failure of reason created a powerful and critical vacuum, and a despotic and ego-maniacal emperor Napoleon took the reigns.

In a previous episode, Martin Luther dispensed entirely of the Catholic hierarchy. To his credit, he disseminated the bible to the masses, and taught that man was as close to G-d as any other. To his detriment, he dispensed entirely with Mosaic law and gave rise to the the protestant ethic. Later theological musings of Calvin et al., along with the lifting of the prohibition against usury, poured the foundations for capitalism and material gain as a sign of God’s favor and promise of salvation. While the Quakers were silently learning Hebrew and fertilizing the intellectual landscape for an exclusively republican and Hebraic polity in the New world and England, the rest of Europe rejected the wisdom of the past and progressed further towards destruction.

Marxism should not be seen as some drunken lunatic’s ramblings about revolutionary ambitions, but as precisely the only thing that could have been said given the intellectual dead end that Europe had thus arrived. Friedrich Engels reported on the working conditions of laborers and children in industrial England, and with that the horror of progress was revealed. With the earlier publication of the Wealth of Nations, a theoretical framework for material acquisition was created, unrestricted competition. Men, women, and children formerly servants of nobles, were now the servants of markets, their blood and sweat and death the lubricating oil of the crunching cogs of scientific advance. Concepts such as charity, compassion, debt forgiveness, the very ethics of Hebrew economics, were completely abandoned.

Marx, being as he was a child of the enlightenment and having rejected the metaphysical, conjured historical materialism. Historical materialism professed that the entirety of history is composed of the creation and clash of classes, no ideas, no cultures, just material acquisition as the root cause of human perception, consciousness and culture. It was scientific to the core, as it advanced a law of history, and teleological as it advanced a final resting place, communism. Having noticed that attempting to reclaim charity and compassion, rationality itself, was pointless and anti-enlightenment, revolution was the only option. And since mankind had failed so thoroughly to live up to the promises of the enlightenment–that man can be perfected by Reason in his moral affairs– to prevent man from continuing to ravage his fellow man the only option left was to rid evil and corrupt mankind of the notion of private property completely.

But a secular ethic is empty; it is as empty as things can be. For what reason precisely should anyone care about the suffering of their fellow man? There is no reason whatsoever.  The blood spilled in the Red revolution would be a continuation of this process. Once mankind abandoned G-d, G-d abandoned them, and handed them to dictators.

Society has not advanced ethically and morally from the days of Marx to any substantial degree. The sweatshops and unsafe coal mines are not gone, just deferred to the orient. The United States ships raw goods to China and receives completed goods in return. — This is the economics of a colony. That is how colonies work. The U.S. is still an economic colony. — We believe in compassion or charity only to the extent that our taxes are paid on time. Individuals slip by each other, talk with each other, but no one knows another. Gone is G-d as our ethical compass. The Bible, a myth. Christianity has ceased its active role and concerned itself with salvation and being saved from the world. Whereas the Hebraic demand to fix the world, to be active participants in creation, not passive victims of circumstance waiting for rescue, is ignored as unrealistic.

Is this what we call progress? When we say we’re moving forward, are we? The left wants secular government dictates to replace formerly religious ethical principles, and the libertarian right just wants to accumulate as much useless crap in their lifetime as they can. The right chants Freedom, the left chants Justice. The left can’t see that the Justice that they demand has been destroyed by the very fact that they maintain no universal ethical standards by which Justice can work. The right fails to see that complete freedom cannot be granted to imperfect beings without sweatshops, exploitation, and general suffering amassing. The days of decorum and moderation are gone; our leaders are now picked by the Kanye Wests and Jay-zs of the world.  And G-d will continue to abandon us to the hands of the tyranny of the mob and the tyranny of the state as long as we ignore the ethical principles of the Hebrew polity, which are the only true means to progress. This is the modern Delusion.


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