True Supporters of Israel Don’t Mince Words.

We should have seen this coming from a far distance. It was exceedingly polite for Hamas to restrain from killing Jews until after the election. Favor for favor. It was, affirmatively, the Obama administration that allowed an ascendant Muslim brotherhood to gain power over the Egyptian border, allowing for an uninterrupted flow of the circuitous route that Jew killing weapons take from Iran to Sudan to Egypt to Gaza. It was, affirmatively, Hamas supporters, civilians all, dancing in the streets the moment the news of Obama’s re-election crossed the desert wires.

The bombed out car of Jabiri is still nicer in its dilapidated and blood smeared state than any car that my family has been able to afford; and my father is a white “white collar” worker. But the Germans and French measure oppression in terms of purchasing power, and the average Gazan citizen has more than the average Costa Rican or riotous Greek. There is a sickening economic largess veiled and bathed in the liberal tears shed for the destruction of Gazan shopping malls that have Jew killing rocket launchers on their roofs, but which are stocked with European designer clothes .

And the price of oil, forget not, has jumped due to “tensions.” Israel has very little of it. For all the banal, vulgar whining about the war in Iraq being about the acquisition of oil, the Muslim regimes are still the ones who own it, and the sheiks make a murderous blood soaked killing on it. The basic respect and right that Israel deserves to be afforded—to defeat its enemies—is always restrained because rich yuppie liberal investment bankers, educators, and lawyers in London, Paris, Berlin, Santa Monica, and New York fear an oil embargo if the Jew killing weapons are eradicated effectively. Remember, it has been the left that has been pushing the narrative that Israel is a strategic liability rather than an asset because in classic leftist historical materialism assets are materially conditioned. The right, however, has supported Israel not for its strategic assets but for its cultural values. With Israel, the left has become the very enemy that it hated when George Bush was in power and Halliburton had a few building contracts in the expanse of the wasted Iraqi desert.

What we will no longer tolerate

For every 10 rockets fired at Israeli citizens there is a 1 well placed precision bomb dropped on a martial target, and then there are 100 papers circulated in the bureaucratic orifices, and offices, of the U.N., situated conveniently next to the liberal yuppie’s banks and the local Starbucks, demanding an end to the “cycle of violence.”

We, the people of the civilized world, the supporters of Israel, no longer wish to hear about prayers for peace or the discontinuation of the “cycles of violence.” This is not some Hegelian abstract concept that can be dissected by a prim PHD but a war and it needs to be identified as such, so that it can be fought and won as such.

There is a Nietzschean chauvinism about it all. The air from the soaring liberal heights appears clear. Concepts of “good” and “evil” of “justice” and a “time to kill” transcended, the Superman of Nietzsche’s dreams is represented and codified in the term “cycles of violence.” But, alas, this is not an interpretation of much worth and note; it is not due to the particularly “nuanced” vantage point that liberals see it from, but from the limited intellectual and moral oxygen supply accompanying ill-informed opinions that soar at 30,000 feet. This conflict is as much a product of a cycle of violence as armed robbery and random street muggings in stimulus supported neighborhoods are. Anyone who claims to support Israel while giving credibility to this statement is complicit in the continued war of attrition that the Jews will endure; all that a liberal penchant for artificial peace over true peace is mollified, liberals are straddling a fence that cannot hold their dubious weight. We don’t need you in our camp anymore.

We will further hear much about proportionality. Wars for Jews are always to be proportional. That is, to win it is unacceptable. To paraphrase the MEP Daniel Hannon, one of the few Europeans who still maintain a moral bearing, what they suggest is the Jewish state take an equal amount of ordinance and rain it randomly on civilian targets in Gaza. The world doesn’t care about saving lives; they care about proportionality so that Israel is effectively reduced to the terror state that they claim it is to assuage their oil importers. The die is cast and Israel will not be allowed to win.

Assad continues to kill by the thousands in Syria, Tehran marches towards radioactive Jihad, and Al-queda takes over Libya, but the U.N will have emergency sessions about Jews defending their homes and Nation. This we will no longer tolerate.

We all true supporters of Israel hope for peace, but we don’t pray for it. We pray for the Israel Defense Forces, that they may be allowed to vanquish the enemy that seeks to kill innocence. Peace has been given its chance for more than 20 years since Oslo, more than 6 since the disengagement and racist destruction of Jewish homes in Gush Katif to make Gaza Judenrein for Islam. Now is a “time for war” a “time to kill.” The Arabs cannot have civil rights until they learn to be civilized and any pretending is only to prolong the horror. In the words of the Talmud “he who becomes compassionate to the cruel will ultimately become cruel to the compassionate.”


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