It’s All Natural: My Frank Response to The Newtown Massacre and The Greatest Tragedy of Them All.

When I first learned of the brutal massacre of 26 people including 20 children under the age of 8, my first feeling was not of sadness, anguish, or dismay, but anger. My sister informed me of the tragedy. I had just woken up from a long night of study. Mouth agape, I stared her straight in the eyes and responded, “There go our guns. And here comes the charge of the psychological community.”

I feel horrible that this mental movement was my initial response, and that my first thoughts weren’t with those of the families of the killed. But I knew that the screeching that would accompany this tragedy and horrific murder of innocents would be unpleasantly shrill. And after a week of listening to the screeching lunacy of the left wing about guns, I am no longer disposed to beat myself up too badly about it; their sin is far more egregious than mine. This post is a response to everyone.

To the Media

I would like to congratulate you, dear media, on doing everything you could to make this massacre as horrible for the families as possible. Daniel Greenfield reported on FrontPage that CBS news correspondents were beating on the doors of Newtown demanding that someone answer some questions for them. “This is our story” they wearily entreated.

I apologize if the thought of your “courageous” reporting being unappreciated is not going to cause me lost sleep. You have packaged half witted, selective, and biased reporting as truth so regularly that many people have decided that you, dear media, are part of the problem. You are quick to post a picture of the assailant for the masses to scream at. But then you parade a series of doctors, psychologists, and psychiatrists in front of millions of people who tell us that these kinds of events are either biologically based or are the product of some ethereal gun culture, or a new term introduced as “white masculinity.” And then you wonder why we find these things all too natural to be mad about. You demand ratings with fuzzy, eerily edited photos of the perpetrator and then tell us we are not  sophisticated enough to be disgusted  because the lab coats said that it is all natural or all nurture, and then they collectively mollify our disgust by heralding the arrival of some new pill or treatment that is supposed to bring peace to earth, pharmaceutical companies eagerly waiting in the wings.  You were quick to report that Adam Lanza may have had Aspergers, without informing anyone as to what Asperger’s is, or whether it may or may not have had anything to do with his decision to murder 26 people, and were even quicker to report on what type of guns he used.

To the Mental Health Medical Establishment

Aside from the killer himself, you people are probably the most despicable group that has yet to waltz from the mental institution to the pundit box. On Foxnews, a psychologist was asked if there exist signs which may indicate to anyone that an individual is capable of murdering 26 people. His response was telling if only because it meant nothing. “Well of course,” he replied, ” you will see these people withdraw, lack empathy, and, in some instances, exhibit cruel behavior to animals.” No shit. This answer lead me to conclude that psychology is no more of a descriptive science than astrology. One does not require a degree or even literacy to conclude that one who “may display a cruelty to animals and further lack empathy,” is capable of killing 26 people.

Psychiatrists are no better. You can hear them pontificating about various brain chemicals and their imbalances, a tumor here, a seizure there, and bam, we have a mass murderer. Both of these disciplines are not worth the millions of dollars in pell grants that we dish out so they can make us all feel as if we have settled the case. The psychologist mentioned above was at least honest enough to admit that his babble wasn’t worth listening to, after, of course, he demanded that we all listen, “these people are really hard to peg, ” he shrugged.

I suggest that the entire mental health community just shut the hell up because if you were worth a shit, then perhaps Adam, who you claim was “deeply troubled” only after he did something deeply troubling, would have been better cared for if you hadn’t been so busy dreaming up horribly unscientific experiments about belief in G-d being correlated with a lack of reasoning abilities.

To the Atheist/Secular Community

How does it feel to know that we can scratch  both the old and new testaments from the catalog of ideologies that may have contributed to this massacre? You people have been bantering about for decades now the idea that religion is the root of all evil, even while ignoring that evil is a religious idea. You are quick to find solace in the religious explanation for the inquisition but then when faced with such modern horror, you are quick to cite the psychiatrists mentioned above. Forgive the rest of us if we continue to find you dumber and less consistent than than even the Muslim fanatic. I, frankly, have no idea how any of you can be upset about this tragedy, for you have exerted a great deal of energy telling us that this whole existence is objectively visible and testable but have refrained from giving us any reason to feel as if it has any meaning outside of of the subjective, which, as it happens, means, according to your ideology, it has no meaning at all. And if it has no meaning, then what tragedy occurred in Newtown? For if we are to speculate that this was a “bad” occurrence then we are suggesting that there are some things that are true but aren’t scientifically verifiable, that is, irrational. While the religious community has to struggle with G-d, you have nothing to struggle with because this is just a dog eat dog, psycho kill psycho, Darwinian world ain’t it? But you will be quick to riposte that this Adam didn’t act “rationally”, and this irrationality will explain the evil. But you must remember, unless there are metaphysical qualities to rationality that make it subject to the law of the excluded middle, not acting rationally doesn’t mean that it was irrational behavior. Further, if we can recall, the columbine shooters were iconoclastically rational, they worshiped Darwin, and thought they were aiding natural selection by killing people who believed in G-d. You may counter again that an is does not create an ought. This is so, but it also means you have no ethical footing on which to ground your outrage about religion or the massacre of 26 people, for all you have is the is. Times like these reveal that you are just as religious as the rest of us.

To the Left

When I address the left, I mean the libertine left whose devotion to lifestyle rights is a stringent as the puritans were to fidelity. Many of you overlap into the atheist category as well, being in possession of two absurd habits at once. For about fifty years now you have eschewed and criticized any and all traditional values and have ushered in the age of the serial killer Charles Manson as well as hallucinogens. Your contributions to society have all been negative and in no way have advanced us towards any better understanding of human nature, except that human nature is not to be trusted when it comes to correct courses of action. You have allowed pornography to destroy fidelity, excessive materialism to destroy families, created an entire generation of listless necromancers who are more concerned with pot legalization than the serial pedophilia that the ACLU legally protects, and then wonder in awe that your utopia is shot up by the likes of Adam Lanza. This isn’t new, your libertinism always injects itself onto the stage in the waning days of great civilization. Your ways paved the path for the holocaust in the 18th century, when it was decided that the Jews were an impediment to libertinism at the national level, and ushered the destruction of classical societies as pederasts ran Rome into the ground and edicts had to be established to keep the population stable, demanding that men have children instead of sexually abusing the ones that already existed. Yet, now you think that the problem with the world is the existence of guns, and you will henceforth do everything in your vicious, cynical, power to finally emasculate the society to such an extent that men can’t protect their children and women have free rein to kill them before they are even born. Congratulations.

You will screech until guns are gone, then  knives, then shards of glass, then arrows, axes, hammers, nails, sticks until finally all that is left is rocks and then you will demand of G-d that he curse the rock instead of Cain.

To Everyone Else

If you have escaped the grips of the categories above then you know I have nothing to say to you; you know that I have no account for the necessary nor the sufficient causes of the massacre in Newtown. But we must remember that besides all those fancy forces that physicists constantly go on about, there is a great force of evil which  hides amongst the shadows of human experience. As it happens, evil achieves its greatest victory when a large portion of humanity ignores its existence and attempts to explain it by reference to something natural. This is the greatest tragedy of them all. We now look to lab coats because we are too lazy to wrestle with G-d.


2 responses to “It’s All Natural: My Frank Response to The Newtown Massacre and The Greatest Tragedy of Them All.”

  1. Bert says :

    Damn fine blog! I am 49 and going to college for a Masters in Social Work. Your address to the mental health establishment stung a little but I believe that is one reason I am going into this arena. I do not accept the norms. The system and those elite “think tanks” at the top of the mental health chain have basked on the glow of their own “success” far too long while conditions deteriorate. I still ask everyone; Why was the VT shooter deemed a threat to himself and others, yet released to outpatient therapy which he never followed up on? One year later, after nobody followed up with him, he opened fire on the VT campus. Like you though, I do not hold only one sector of our society at fault.
    You put everything into context that I have been feeling. The media and all of their “experts” make me sick. Every minute, we all had access to non-stop shock coverage of this tragedy, saturated with errors and conjecture. It reminds me so much of Don Henley’s “Dirty Laundry”.
    You accurately hit on so many other issues as well. My fear is these will continue to be ignored as we spiral downward as a society. I hope your words do not go unheeded.

    • conjectureandconsequence says :

      Thanks for the supportive comments Bert! Thanks for reading as well. I do not mean to denigrate the entire mental health community but sometimes things have to be said when such failures are so apparent. I had forgotten about the circumstances surrounding the VT shooter, that was surely a good example of what i am trying to convey. G-d willing, people like yourself will help steer the compass back to helping people instead of theorizing about them.

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