The Jew of Hevron and The Jew of Copenhagen

Today in Denmark, Jewish envoys  implored Jews living in that country not to wear Kippot or any other Jewish symbols around the city of Copenhagen or any of the other areas  now completely overrun by peace loving left wing students and placid Muslim immigrants. Things are well in Holland too. In Amsterdam, as long as pot can be smoked, prostitutes can be used, and Jews remain under the radar, peace can flourish. Moving south and across the channel, there are now parts of France and England where Jews cannot go, or any other infidel, including dogs that are routinely butchered and poisoned. But peace and diversity are surely intact because those countries are tolerant of Muslims who happen to live, coincidentally, in those same areas. Just because Europe hasn’t seen this level of overt anti-Semitism since Nazi Germany doesn’t mean that the waves of Muslim immigrants have anything to do with its ascendancy. And as long as Europe has peace and diversity, who cares if Jews can’t live there safely anyway?

Poll after poll has shown that more than 50% of Europeans believe the State of Israel is the greatest threat to peace on the planet because an age of peace and prosperity and free hybrid cars can only be ushered in once Jews are again stateless and powerless. Europeans recently showed their new found love of negotiations and tolerance when they elected to carve an independent entity out of the very heart of the Jewish State and then condemn the fact there are Jews still living there. Over a million Muslim citizens living in Israel are never subject to such criticism because Muslims are allowed everywhere, but Jews are not. To have one Jew living across the green line is a serious impediment to peace that needs to be rectified by burning Israeli flags on European campuses and in front of Israeli embassies. Occasionally, some people in these crowds will call for the death of Jews, and in many cases, as in Toulouse and Hungary, some people will kill Jews, but this is not antisemitism. No,  it’s the peace process.

Just in time for the Christmas holiday, mainline Christian denominations such as the Presbyterians, the Anglicans, Episcopalians and other horrendous spiritual oddities, which Jesus himself would not only eschew but not be allowed entrance to because he is Israeli, ramped up their Jew demonization campaigns. One denomination leader complained that if the Magi were to visit Bethlehem today, they would first have to queue up at the checkpoint. And so they would, and this is an egregious crime, we all know, because the checkpoint is there to keep Jews alive, but Christian theology since the days of Augustine, Luther, and liberalism has demanded that Jews perpetually die for Christian sin. It’s all good theology, you see.

Eighty years ago Jews were so loved that they were told to wear yellow stars of David on their jackets and sleeves. Today, they are so loved they are told not to. Jews are allowed to be Jewish only when it is convenient for the rest of the world. When they are assimilated they are made to identify as Jews so they can be killed, and when they self identify of their own volition they are told their identity is dangerous for the peace of Copenhagen because the last thing that Danish police want to do is offend the SS in the minarets, for they may find themselves in the same position as the SA did eighty years ago.

And so the Jew of Copenhagen and the Jew of Hevron are the same, hated for being proud Jews who happen to live not just past the green line but on planet earth. In both instances the world leaders, the Christians, who still believe that their church is so liberal and tolerant that not only have they superseded the Jews but the supersessionalists of old, and the Muslims, who hate Jews as their Koran has demanded them to, have decided that the Jews living in any environ are a threat to peace. The evil Kippot disrupts the solemn atmosphere of Copenhagen just as the Jew lighting Shabbos candles tonight in Samaria or Judea threatens to plunge the entire world into nuclear war. I

In both instances it is by shear weight of number that justice is impugned. The secular west does not want a fight with the Muslims, so they will capitulate to demands that there be places on the planet where to say the Shema is not only prohibited but brings the death penalty instead of standing with the Jews against the approaching hordes. The Jews can be pushed around and made to feel guilty for being Jews because the west has not only purchased, tag, tax and title, the Muslim proclivity to blame Israel for everything but continues the sporting Christian practice of hating the Jews for nothing and killing them for peace and security and eternal bliss. In a reemergence of the old blood libel, the Jews and the Jewish state are considered the greatest threat to the security of the of a postmodern west.

The west has made a calculated decision that the Jews aren’t worth defending and thus they have decided to again make up myths that justify their sacrifice of them to the Nazi and now the Muslim hordes. Neither the Jew of Copenhagen nor the Jew of Hevron is safe unless the Jew in Copenhagen leaves and joins the Jew in Hevron. Then G-d will protect His people in their land and will vanquish both the east and the west in their dialectical attempt to kill His people for the sake of peace. 


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    Just FYI, I linked to your article from mine What Is A jew to Do?

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