The War Process

The recent ploy of the western powers to herald peace between the Jews and those who want to kill the Jews has resulted in one of the most disgusting spectacles in modern diplomatic history. The western powers have forced the Jews, on behalf of those who want to kill the Jews, to release from prison and thereby absolve the people who have killed the Jews and want to continuing killing Jews once they are reincorporated into the culture that wants to kill the Jews . These people are called Palestinians in diplomatic circles. Nobody knows why they are called that, not even the Palestinians themselves.

The history of the Israeli/Arab peace process is one of continued moral atrocity. To gain the wondrous stature of “imperialist Zionist apartheid state” Israel has been the only country in history whose undefeated army has been diplomatically forced to roll back nearly one hundred percent of the territory that it gained in defensive wars.  When the Serbs were being forced to surrender territory to an Islamic regime in Bosnia, British diplomat Lord Owen was accused of allowing territorial aggrandizement and ethnic cleansing when he rendered a plan that would have rolled back an undefeated Bosnian Serb army fifty five percent. When it comes to the Islamic regimes and peace with them, suicide appears as the only option on the table.

The western powers, though, are immune from this type of peace process. Only Jews and those nations dealing directly with Islamic regimes on their frontiers are given the unhappy position of having to fight a war, win it, and then willfully lose it to gain a peaceful settlement. This would amount to a surrendering Germany in 1945 being allowed to retain the Sudetenland and Poland, allowing Goering to become Chancellor and removing US and Soviet forces from German territory with haste.

That did not happen, though, because that was the last war that was allowed to be won. Today, when Israel is attacked by its enemies, a busy Hillary Clinton engages in shuttle diplomacy and the Jews are forced to live with a ceasefire that will again be broken so that diplomats can then arrive and do their job of making sure this war goes on until the heat death of the universe. The peace process and ceasefires are not “steps toward a peaceful resolution”, but a merely punctuated war with the diplomatic and moral inversion of the west being a decided force multiplier for a band of Islamists who would otherwise be soundly beaten by a superior military force.

And now the Obama administration has demanded and allowed the diplomatic process to sink to such a low moral level that the Israelis were forced to release murderers of men, women and children, a holocaust survivor, and a young Israeli attorney who worked in Gaza helping the Palestinians. And if you thought that this was a condition of peace, you would be, again, forgiven for using reasonable induction, but would unfortunately be mistaken. No, rather, this release agreement was a condition that the Palestinians demanded before they would even engage in a peace negotiation; whether it fails or succeeds, these vile terrorists are free. A question should now begin to percolate: why does the Palestinian Authority, a purported moderate partner in peace, legitimize the mass murder of Jews by demanding the release of the perpetrators of these crimes right before peace negotiations are to commence? We should not expect John Kerry to tender a rational answer.

Often I hear the complaint from liberals and Islamist that those who support the right of Israeli sovereignty over not only

Palestinian Peace Partner

Palestinian Peace Partner

portions of the west bank but of the peace negotiations, that we engage in a campaign of “dehumanization” of the Palestinians to bolster Israel’s moral claims. This is a curious claim for liberals and an even more curious one from Islamists, who do nothing but dehumanize anything non-Islamic. If it is true that the thing that most evidently distinguishes a human being from that of the beast is the sense and act of self reflection and honesty, an ability to reason, and an ability to admit error, then the Israelis have it and the Palestinians do not. A brief glance at Israeli media suggests that the Israelis are self deprecating, doubt themselves, and squirm when their sons and daughters are forced to kill in order to protect their people and their state. This sentiment is summed up precisely in a quote from the late Israeli Prime Minister Golda Meir to the Palestinians, “We can forgive you for killing our children but we can never forgive you for forcing us to kill your children.”  This is a human sentiment, one that comes from a tradition of self criticism. The Palestinians, however, have no remorse, they seek no compromise, they hand out sweets when twin towers come down, or when the Jewish families like the Fogels are massacred in their homes.

On the contrary, the dehumanization campaign is one that emanates from the Liberal media when it draws a moral equivalence between the two sides, and, in many cases, confers upon the Palestinians a moral superiority just by virtue of the fact that they are militarily weaker, or when social theorists see a Marxist dialectic and “class struggle” within the conflict, with the Israelis being the exploiter and the Palestinians being the exploited. The Palestinians are thus granted a deity like purity, a Christ like innocence, dragged through the dirt and crucified again by the Jews. When truth and objectivity should cause the Palestinians and their leadership to reflect, they do the opposite and cry oppression. And the western media allows it and urges it. The Palestinians have, therefore, been dehumanized by a western liberal pretense that these people are either objectively blameless or are so beastial and animalistic that they can’t be blamed for anything, as a dog cannot be morally liable for stealing scraps of food. Rarely does anyone suggest that the Palestinians never appear to act like humans because they refuse to act like humans.

And so the Israelis again will sit at a table with men representing a group of people who know that they can get away with stealing scraps and killing Jews because the western media will ultimately blame any negotiations failure on the intransigence of the Israelis, that they do not want a wild Ishmael on their eastern border. And the war process will grind on.


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3 responses to “The War Process”

  1. Bert says :

    Indeed, I have often pondered why there is such a mindset against Israel. None of the interference by those in Washington or the U.N. has held any logic or moral compass. Their “negotiations” in the “process of peace” for that region equate to nothing less than telling a school child that, in fact, they should give their lunch money, repeatedly, to the school yard bully as that same bully demands yet more and more, including a repeal of all previous punishments for their transgressions. Each time that Israel gives in to the demands of the anti-Semitic mindset, the “peace process” only spirals further down as those militants of the “Palestinians” and others are rewarded for their unwillingness to truly seek peace.
    Another interesting point in history that should be reviewed deals with the events in Trans-Jordan and the eventual days of Black September. King Hussein considered the Palestinian problem and the PLO a grave threat to his rule. Not one person in the main stream media or leading governments discuss how the greatest loss of “Palestinian” land and life was due to actions on the part of Jordan. Yet Israel remains the focal point of blame and hatred for conditions in that region, despite the actions of others that dictate otherwise.
    Excellent post, my friend.

    • conjectureandconsequence says :

      Thank you Bert. Your response was so good I shared it on facebook etc.

      • Bert says :

        Thank you, my friend. I was on Facebook some time ago but cancelled my account. I apologize as I left a lengthy reply to your post on “Field of Black Birds”. I am not trying to hijack your site, lol. I am a 49 year old former Marine who served during Beirut and Grenada (1981-1985). My father volunteered for the Army in WWII. I have been (finally) going to college for a couple years now and, in reflection on my past… both as an individual and a member of the human race I have found a passion for reason and sharing of ideas to gain understanding. I truly appreciate your insights.

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