Fields of Black Birds

Elements of the KLA(Kosovo Liberation Army) are in Syria now. They have been in Syria. A year and a half ago, it was reported on every news outlet except the New York times, Washington Post, Chicago Tribune, the Washington Times, the Wall Street Journal, CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox and Telemundo, that the Syrian rebels were studying terror tactics at a KLA training camp on the Albanian/Kosovo border funded by gulf regimes. These reports prompted my continued conviction that the US would side with the Syrian rebels and eventually use military force to damage Assad.

The blossoming red roses of the Arab spring have their roots firmly established in Balkan soil. The only thing left needed was a sufficiently picturesque casus belli, a chemical weapons attack in Syria, Sebrenica and Racak respectively in Bosnia and Kosovo. Both were false charges of massacre. Numbers were bounced around. 600,000, Madeline Albright declared, were butchered by Serb forces in Kosovo. Staged pictures of massacre were circulated with great alacrity. Post war figures leveled off at 3000 with 1/3 of them being Serbs killed by KLA insurgents, the very reason why the Serbs launched a counter terrorism campaign in Kosovo in the first place. And no one cared in the end. Wesley Clark was carried to the democratic presidential race on the wings of a handshake with a mass murderer of the KLA, as an apt foreign policy and strategic genius. Joe Biden, who agitated for killing Serbs with greater clamorous lunacy than a now senile John McCain agitates for a Syrian strike, was elevated to a position of prominence and sagacity in regards to a new foreign policy of spending american treasure to advance Muslim terrorists in the heart of the former Yugoslavia.The Hague was busy indicting Serbs for war crimes that it could not prove and eventually dropped, proceedings which became a circus and mockery of Justice and the very concept of a war crime. What was accomplished at Nuremberg was dismantled by the Clinton regime and its philandering with Balkan civil conflict. In “red lines” we are seeing history condensed, geographically transferred, and repeated before our very eyes. And no one really cares.

Obama will play his fiddle tomorrow. He will play it well. He will play it better than when he was just a beginner in the art of watching things burn when he attacked Libya on the pretense that there was a potential for a massacre that had not yet occurred, a red line which, in the Muslim world, is always crossed, and danced upon with the added beat of celebratory Kalashnikov fire, because in the Muslim world, there is always a potential for a massacre. The Obama policy, so it seems, has sided with those elements which massacre our embassy staff in the name of Islam and not a secular state in extremis battling against those who would massacre Christians and the Alawite sect with the same revelry with which they sodomized Qaddafi and Chris Stevens to death. This is not morality, this is Machiavellian.

The international community became suspicious that the United states was, under a moralizing liberal pretense, no longer a moral force for good after Bosnia and Kosovo. Syria has verified these assumptions. There was a reprieve for eight years in which George Bush reversed this course under the weight of an attack on US soil perpetrated by the very ideological elements we aided in Bosnia and Kosovo, but now we are back to a few cruise missile strikes to assuage an equally vile Turkey, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar.

Questions should be asked: if Assad falls, who will come into possession of the chemical weapons? Without boots on the ground, there is no means of securing them. With this single question we can see the very real and almost inevitable mission creep. Boots will be on the ground. Are we really that naive to believe that Assad can use chemical weapons and the Syrian Rebels will not if given the opportunity? In the spirit of social justice, we should just give the rebels their own weapons of mass destruction and let the Somme repeat itself in the deserts of Syria. That is an option in accordance with the repetition of history we will witness if a commander in chief, who doesn’t understand the relevance of — nor can he name — El Alamien, Verdun, Constantinople in 1453, the Field of Black Birds, and the Gates of Vienna, decides so incompetently to pull the trigger that is suppose to accomplish nothing but re-establish a red line that will again, eventually, be crossed. Next time, though, it will be crossed by those with whom Obama has made comfortable friends. And we will be back to Afghanistan in 2001.


3 responses to “Fields of Black Birds”

  1. Bert says :

    We have a president, if one can call our leading community dis-organizer such, who is continually applauded and protected by the main stream media, despite his record. If there was anything that Bush may have done, it was bad, even before it became a thought. I will not defend Bush as I disagreed with many of his policies, though he pales in comparison to the current administration. However, Obama hits the accelerator on some of Bush’s or previous administration policies (e.g., the Patriot Act), and he remains “our messiah”. Obama’s answer to his own failed policies is to simply repeat them as necessary, retaining a free pass by the media. I do not believe it to be conjecture that, if Benghazi, “Fast and Furious”, or Snowden’s revelations of NSA spying had occurred under Bush’s watch, the media would not have hesitated before pouncing on the “kill”. Under the continuing “spend and forgetaboudit” policies of Washington D.C., we face record debt and programs (such as “Obamacare”) that will further drain the already empty, dusty tax coffers in the Church of Re-election Entitlements. The philosophy of Thomas Hobbes is reflected in the actions of Washington elites and our media remains complicit in the Goebbels-like propaganda fed to the American people.

    Once again our “leaders” wrap themselves in the American flag, attempting to rally the citizens around another banner of human rights violations. Our amateurish, school-boy President tries to convince the American people and the world that chemical weapons have been used by the Assad regime to kill 1,400 of his own people and this requires action on the part of “his” United States military. At the same time, he ignores the countless bodies left to rot in other countries as if the weapon makes any difference. Our Nobel Peace Prize winner, who won for “his extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and cooperation between peoples” according to the Nobel site, wants to selectively pick and choose which country we should be the police force in. Even John “three-purple-hearts” Kerry, who cried for U.S. non-interventions after his return from Vietnam, now fully embraces a rush to military action. Oddly, not one of those in Washington will risk their own (or their children’s) blood on the glorious cause of Obama’s red line. It will once again be the American children of the ruled who will go off to fulfill, for our rulers, what should be the role of the United Nations… if in fact there is any cause to intervene to begin with.

    If one were to look at other countries in which we brought peace and the democratic process, we would be hard pressed to find the results we looked for. Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, and many other regions remain killing zones at the expense of innocent American blood. We even had boots on the ground in Egypt’s “peaceful” Arab Spring. How is Egypt doing?

    So in this case, chemical weapons were used in Syria, yet the Obama administration cannot offer the world substantive proof revealing exactly who used them. Russia gave the U.N a 100-page report in July, detailing evidence that they believe pointed to Al-Qaeda being responsible for the release of Sarin gas. Then again, Russia gave us ­detailed warnings about Tamerlan Tsarnaev too and, ironically, all the NSA spying capabilities did nothing to prevent the Boston Marathon bombings, did they? So what could be the drive to intervene in Syria? What could be the high, just cause that our leading Nobel Peace Prize winner would again involve OUR American military in one more country, albeit selectively again? My first thought was simply a deflection, on the part of the current powers in Washington, to distract America from the many failing policies of an inept White House and Congress. I believe there is more.

    All you have to do is Google ” qatar pipeline syria” and other possibilities arise that the main stream media will not reveal. carried a February 2013 article, “Gas pipeline rumors are geopolitically tectonic” in which they outlined the multi-country interests of the Middle East to implement a natural gas pipeline into Europe. This pipeline would threaten Russia as the number one supplier of NG to Europe. It would also benefit governments of countries such as Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and (to my chagrin) Israel. Assad has blocked all efforts to run this pipeline through his country, protecting his allies in Russia. Substantial support for the initial and continuing run of Syrian rebels was funded not only buy wealthy Syrian businessmen but also by Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and Turkey. Now, there exists several fragments of Syrian rebels that the world widely knows to be linked to Iran and the radical Islamic group Al-Qaeda. Obama rallies support for this revolution? Well… he did in other countries, didn’t he? ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, and… yes… FOX News… where are you on this?

    The one missing piece of the price tag on this effort is American blood, spilled for interests that are not those of Main Street America. Anyone that believes we do not currently have boots on the ground in Syria is naive or complacent. Sure… Obama promises limited action but all it will take is one missile that sinks an American ship… planes shot down… and a misstep on Obama’s or Putin’s part… we are at war. This will not be a “war” as the media called Afghanistan or Iraq. This may well send us into WWIII.

    Many are waking up in America to find they have slept well through the alarm that was set to go off, not one second past reason. That carelessness on our part may well land us in Obama’s war for “Pipelinistan”.

  2. Adina Kutnicki says :

    The Serbs were indeed the innocent party in the conflict, and it was apparent to all those with eyes in their head, despite the media’s hysteria. They retaliated against Muslim butchery and that’s a historical fact! But never mind, the bleating pro Muslim left won out!

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