Hezbollah Claims Israel is Behind Yesterday’s Beruit Attack on Iranian Embassy

Nice try, Hezbollah, but the epicenter of this Muslim inquisition lies at the heart of Islam itself in Saudi Arabia. Your coreligionists have found you to be more of a threat to regional stability than the Jews are always considered, a rare ideological interlude indeed, one the New York Times strains to avoid, and have declared full Sunni Jihad against you.

I can think of nothing more invigorating than a religious war between Sunni Arabia and Shia Persia. Circumstances are to become increasingly interesting and increasingly baroque, an unceasingly rufescent tapestry, as these barbarians bring and eclipse the horrors of the Catholic/Protestant wars into the 21st century, replete with be-headings, torture, and suicide attacks in the name of a religion whose texts all but demands blood sacrifices from both, and all, sides. Though brutal, the wars between Catholics and the Protestants were tempered by the very real fact that they were acting in stark and visceral opposition to what their religious texts instructed, and it was often the light of Biblical morality that cast such a confounding diffusion pattern as to allow an accord between the two warring sects, proving, alas, that men are only as good as the least righteous among the prophets of antiquity and only realize folly after inflicting considerable misery. Whereas in Islam, there is no folly except to be peaceful with the Jew or Christian, or to forgo the hatred of the week. Violence is a raison d’etre expounded and printed in beautiful Arabic calligraphy and found resting prominent on bookshelves in every household in the region, memorized by every Imam, and believed by every suicide bomber. I only pray that Israel remains safe, attacks when it must, and vanquishes the forces of darkness in which she finds herself so intractably enmeshed.


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