An Address to Moderate Muslims on ISIS

There are many of you who are Muslims who have made your stance against ISIS known, and for that you should be commended. However, the endeavor by you to ensure the rest of us that Islam is a religion of peace or that Shia Islam is less violent than Sunni Islam — nobody could ever maintain that any sect of Islam is peaceful — and that ISIS is acting in contradiction to Islamic values, for us in the west, appears as another sorry attempt to redirect attention away from the ideological origins of this fanaticism and the very thing that inspires it daily. Every day, for the last 14 centuries, Islam has been at war and has subjugated anything and any idea that is non Islamic to its judgement. Forgive us westerners for finding your increasingly desperate apologetics for an imperial and hegemonic ideology wanting. You just aren’t credible.

Everywhere this faith, Islam, has gone it has been at war with its neighbors. Every world margin on which members of this religion of peace are found, there is tension and violence. Just recently, we witnessed thousands of your coreligionist go on a frenzied spree of destruction across Europe because Israel was tired of your coreligionists in the Gaza strip abducting their children and killing them and rocketing their border cities after Israel itself ethnically cleansed its own people, Jews, from the enclave in order to appease the appetite of a peace process, a process dedicated to nothing more than reducing the number of places on the planet where Jews can live safely.

Last year, two members of the religion of peace killed 3 spectators at the Boston marathon. A member of the religion of peace killed two Jews in Belgium. A member of the religion of peace killed a Jewish father and his sons in Toulouse. Members of the religion of peace went on a wild butchering spree in India, killing 70 some people, and a Rabbi and his wife, leaving their son an orphan. And members of the religion of peace killed 3,000 American citizens in the twin towers. Forgive my chronological disorder, but Islamic proselytizing events happen with such regularity that dates begin to congeal. 

Members of the religion of peace are killing people in Nigeria, northern Africa, the Philippines, Malaysia, China, India, Pakistan, Chechnya, Russia, beheading British soldiers on British soil, France, Israel. They are killing Christians, Jews, Buddhists, Hindus, Sikhs, Animists and elephants to finance their wars to kill more Hindus, Buddhists, Animists, Sikhs, Christians, and Jews. And you have said nothing, and you do nothing.

Then members of the religion of peace started killing other members of the religion of peace in Syria. And all of a sudden, the peaceful moderate Islam emerged, the secular Islam that you suggested we arm to defeat Assad. Forgive us if we find your platitudes and overtures to our western sensibilities the most hypocritical pile of incandescent horseshit ever conceived by the human mind.

Now, we are supposed to feel some sense of sympathy for the Shia Muslims who are coming under attack by ISIS forces. This after Shia Iran and its proxy terror organizations have consistently declared that they would like nothing more to kill as many of us as they possibly can, and who did everything they could to destabilize Iraq and kill as many US soldiers as they could before we left.

I was recently at a pro Israel rally where members of the religion of peace gave us Nazi salutes and yelled about the slaughter and ethnic cleansing of the Jews from the Arabian peninsula, al Khyber. Forgive us if we are no mood for reconciliation between our civilizations.

We know your religion, we know your texts, we know your Hadiths and Suras, and all the tales of Mohammed the prophet, who appears from an objective standpoint to have been nothing more than the most powerful 7th century warlord on the Arabian peninsula, veiling his power-lust in a vague form of monotheistic metaphysics. Some of us even read it in Arabic because we live in an open society which, before you came along and started claiming Islamophobia, had no problem educating itself about any religion and criticizing it where it needs to be criticized.

We see in your religion no consistency, no mysticism, and no substance other than violent Jihad, for if you remove jihad from the pillars, the religion collapses under the weight of its own irrelevance. Mohammed said nothing of particular importance to the human soul grasping for the divine that had not already been said in many different languages and in many different traditions. The only thing unique is Jihad. And in that it detracted from the human longing for God, as it swept across Africa, Arabized once Greek Egypt, converted looted and maimed hundreds of beliefs and ideas along with the people who cherished them, and marched all the way to Spain.

The trail on which I run everyday has alongside it small rock memorials and engravings recounting the brutal removal of the Cherokee Native American tribe. Called the Trail of Tears, this forced migration started where I now call home. In Germany, there are memorials to the 6 million Jews who were killed by the Nazis. There are memorials all over the western world that honor the victims of injustice.

And your coreligionists in Turkey cannot even admit of the Armenian Genocide, Mein Kampf is a best seller in the Muslim world, and the Holocaust is either ignored or considered a Zionist plot. This is what happens when Jihad is waged against not only people, but ideas and facts.

Isis is a Muslim creation and therefore a Muslim problem. These people are reading the Quran and following the means and manners of the Prophet, who himself, a hadith accounts, killed 700 Jews with his own sword. There is no other religion on the planet that claims as its founder a mass murderer.

Now, ripostes accusing the Hebrews of violence in the Old Testament have arisen in your head, the acrimonious refrain “the bible is just as violent!”

Indeed the bible is violent, it was a violent world back then. But the Hebrew Bible is a narrative of a people and the violence is situated within the context of that narrative. The violence is temporally restrained, and the Jews were never commanded to conquer the world, but to be a Nation of Priests, because true religion is never intrinsically violent. Truth is seen in its deed. Islam is the exact opposite. Violence is obliged upon the muslim for all time in all places. This is as plain as day.

We in the west will no longer be bullied into fighting Muslims who wish to kill us, while simultaneously defending Islam as a religion of peace. Theory is not reflected in fact here, and we are tired of straddling that fence. ISIS is indeed a Muslim problem, and I see no end to ISIS like entities until an un-ISIS like Islam emerges. That is the duty of so called Muslim moderates.


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